Our solution for designing, developing, configuring, and supporting your Line of Business Application

Line of Business Application Development as you needs.

We starting with designing an Application/System as your needs. And based on our best design, we will create it. In the end, we also optionally provide maintenance service to make sure your Line of Business Application is running correctly.

Our experience with one of largest Government owned Company in Indonesia, we are ready to help you to create an effective and efficient Software.

Document Management & Workflow

Microsoft Sharepoint is the one of solution for managing document online with the full document lifecycle capability. It also have workflow and automation capability, so it will help you manage your document easily. As an addition, we will customize this solution based on your business requirement.

Database & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a tools to help facilitate decision making based on data. With this solution, board of director can make a faster and proper decision

Cloud & Virtualization

We provide virtualization deployment service for server infrastructure and desktop virtualization through VDI. We also provide migration service to help you migrate or integrate your existing infrastructure to Azure or AWS cloud.

Backup & Dissaster Recovery.

Data security and availability is an important to organization. More and more integrated software are running will make data availability is more important. Backup, and Dissaster Recovery is the key for providing highly available data. Our Backup & Dissaster Recovery Solution is to make sure that your system is running 24x7 even a dissaster occured.