To answer today challenges, we provide a broad range of product and solution that have balanced between price and performance. We often use the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a reference to determine which product suitable for your needs. It will make sure our solution is accepted across the world.

Advanced Networking

Network performance is determied by its design and topology. We have mature experiences in this area and based on Best Practices Methods. Our goals while designing IT Network is to provide a secure network infrastructure and easy to maintain.

Security and Data Encryption

Data is a most valuable asset. Stealing data, data leak, and other attack targetting your data are main concern of IT Administrator. It is practically for all of us to prioritize data and network security.
We have customized solutions based on your level, by considering economic aspect and performance.

Wireless Management

Since most of all device is using Wireless Connection (802.11), it will give negative impact for performance and network security. We are answering the challenges with our Wireless Management product and solution. The solution is to make sure the IT Administrator can easily configure and controlling Wireless usage.

Video Conferencing

Our unique solution for video conference is to make sure that you will save your budget and maximize your current bandwith. You can safely make a video call or online meeting in a meeting room or even in your home.

WAN Optimization

More and more traffic in the WAN challenges us to provide WAN optimization solution. Riverbed Steelhead is one of best WAN Optimization product having capability of WAN Optimizatation, Application Delivery, SaaS and Cloud, and also End to End Performance Management. With this solution, you will have higher end user satisfaction, and optimized WAN usage.

Traffic Management and Load Balancer

Load Balancer can be used as reverse proxy and distributing network traffic to multiple servers. This technology is used to improve connection from user to server. We provide a solution for a company that having and application with high intensive computation and access.

Storage and Server

We deliver server and storage for you with/without installation/configuration service. Our team is having an experience for sizing and tuning for each of server or storage system based on best practices.

Application and Network Performance Monitoring

Today, IT Networking reaches higher complexity in term of data transmission. All device must be monitored to make sure it is working properly.

With our solution, IT Administration can analyze pattern of user or application in the network. Also they can simulate traffic before deploying an application, finding troubled host/device, and do a Deep Packet Inspection in the network. This is a must having tools for IT Administrator to do their everyday job.