About Us

IT Solution Provider with Excelent Service

We are IT Solution Provider, located in Semarang, Central Java, however, our Global Access spirit encourage us with confidence to serve our customer in whole country. Our journey start from private company at 1996, until now we are still focused in IT Solution. The company growing significantly, give us a passion to establish a limited liability company at 2005.

In giving satisfaction to our customer, we always deliver high quality product and services with reasonable price. Customizing product and services based on their vision and needs. Optimalize their curent resources, and maintain all of our delivered solutions. We always make a different by increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency in every solution.

Beside that, we serve our customer with highly experienced engineer, certified, proactive, and always share knowledge. Our main goals is provide the right solution, and friendly service.

We believe that sucessfully customers will give us a positive impact for our company. So, our business and our customer's business will go together and more prosperous.

Our Vision

To be a professional IT Solution Provider

Our Misi

To give a value and satisfaction to our Customers.

Our Goals

  1. Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency our customer.
  2. Increasing value to our customers.
  3. Increasing our value and prosperous.

Our Spirit

Always give an Excellent Service.

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